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Money Is The Root To All Happiness!

Two Pastors led separate prayers at separate events, but both prayed on the same matter: money. Over the summer, I attended an event (the picture above is from that night) at which a pastor, somewhere along the line in his prayer, proclaimed, “You know that money is the root of all hapiness!” That statement caused me to open my eyes amid prayer and give him a questioning look. At the time, I was unaware of the fact that he was a pastor, but his words took me by surprise. I know that money is essential in order to make a living, but can one really hold it at such a high pedestal over all the other crucial aspects of life: God, family..?!

At the other event, the pastor asserted in his prayer, “Money is the root of all evil!” As you can see, these declarative statements are extreme contrasts of one another. It’s rather ironic how one thing, money, can hold so much authority to cause people to both fear and love it. To worship and condemn it.

In my opinion, such statements are only supported by values. We all have varying upbringings and morals, but how can someone of such Biblical guidance, a trusted leader, a pastor, declare to the public that money is the root of all hapiness? ..Needless to say, I write about this not to bash him, but to get some feedback from you all on the matter.

I pose the question: Despite the basic necessities that money can provide, how much influence does money hold over your life? Please comment below, I’m really looking forward to some input on this matter!


When Does One Qualify For Beauty?

When someone can find the true definition of beauty, inform me because I still don’t know! Does is have to hurt as much as we think? I need answers!