10 Things Girls Do That Boys Don’t Like

Lauryn Ajufo

So I guess my blog post ‘10 Things Boys Do That Girls Don’t Like’ hit a nerve for some boys as they all argued “That’s not true!”…pftt so in denial.
So I’ve been asked to do a blog post from a boys perspective.

I guess it’s your turn now boys,

1. Girls Who Wear Adidas Fluxs

Boys boys boys, stop complaining how girls look in these trainers just because you are unable to purchase ours – we understand there are more unisex trainers available to us than there are boys trainers. I’ve heard boys call us butch or flat footed for wearing Adidas Flux -/We can’t help looking cute in them so quityour whining.

2. Girls Who Have Shiny Cheeks

FYI boys it’s called highlighter and that highlighter is the finishing touch to the masterpiece. Just like boys love to get those two little slits in the brows after…

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