What type of flower are you?

No, this is not a joke! Have you found your inner flower? Have you learned to embrace it?

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about, so I’ll tell you! A flower is one that lives life existentially. Flowers are adventurous and easygoing. Flowers live life at ease, without stressing the nitty-gritties of the world around us which tend to plague our minds. But of course, upholding the flower mentality, there can never be a specific guideline on how to be a flower or what type of flower you are. Just as flowers differ and hold different attributes, your inner flower is the same. I happen to identify the most with sunflowers.

Sunflowers are underrated beauties, highly melanated (represent the sun), thickly/ strongly rooted, symbolize loyalty and longevity, thrive in hot temperature and varying soils, and are productive. (LOL) I am actually reaching with this interpretation. Anywho, my best friend Yendry and I shared being “flowers” as an insider for a few months, inspired by our Calculus teacher Ms. C. We never really put thought into what type of flowers we were nor did we ever have to explain it to anyone- until our Wildwood vacation. Being flowers was the running joke between the girls and I, after three of us got different flower hennas on our wrists while on the boardwalk (the henna wasn’t even legit.. rip off!). It led us into identifying what types of flowers we were/ wanted to be. Seeing how in depth I got with explaining my inner flower, I can just imagine Yendry’s face while reading this (Hey girl!)

Welp, here you have it! Go on and find/ embrace your inner flower! Comment below what type of flower you see yourself as!



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