So a friend of mine, Ness, posed this question on her snapchat, and it reopened an argument that my boyfriend and I had when we first got together. I remember asking him, “Do you think there’s a difference between “I love you” and “I am in love with you?” Imagine my surprise when he said that he doesn’t see a difference between the two statements. This, of course, led us to having an hour long discussion/ argument, both trying to prove to the other that our points were more valid….  to no avail. Accepting that neither of us would waver with our opinions, we laid the argument to rest.

That brings us to now! I asked Jay again to see if his opinion somehow evolved (sarcasm) but nope! Same argument, further elaboration. So I now open it up to you all. Your opinions and insight are highly valued and welcomed. I really want to hear varying perspectives on this topic.. Let’s discuss!

What is the difference between I love you and I am in love with you?


3 thoughts on “OPINIONS NEEDED

  1. I feel like there is a slight difference between someone saying “I love you” and “I’m in love with you”. I feel like saying “I love you” just sounds repetitive and makes it seem they’re obliged to say that they love me. Whereas someone saying “I’m in love with you” seems like a desperation of needing me to return that love or that they really do love me for my quirks and my stupidness sometimes. However, trying to say this in the least sexist way possible, boys probably wouldn’t see the difference in this whereas girls would read more into it. So therefore it wouldn’t mean as much to the boy as it probably would to the girl. But that is just my opinion ♡

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    1. Not sexist at all, I hear you! Like my cousin commented on the shared post, “I love you” can be said to things like pets, and many others. But “I’m love with you” is much more intimate and personal. You know?

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      1. yes I agree. I feel like I love you could be said to anyone and anything. I say I love you to all my mates- boys included- as a joke. So I feel like a boy saying “I’m in love with you” means so much more

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