Wearing Makeup is a Sign of Insecurity

I bet a lot of you caught an attitude towards that title, haha!

Welcome back to this thought filled mind of mine! If you’re a new reader, please check out my other posts (after reading this one lol) and feel free to contribute to the conversation! Anyways, I thank you all the same!

Alright, back to the topic at hand: Makeup. I began wearing makeup in middle school. Those three years: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, acne marred my face, forcing me to depend on Covergirl’s powder to hide my blemishes, with an extra touch of lip gloss. Makeup was my way of hiding my insecurities, but it made me all the more self-conscious. I began to depend on it, giving it the undeserved authority to clog up the holes in my depleting self confidence, as it did my pores. Now, as a 17 year old about to enter University, I have a new found and growing confidence that has diminished the value of makeup in my life. On the regular, I either have my brows filled in, and some highlight and mascara on or, more times than not, am rocking a bare face. Whenever I find myself feeling insecure, as we all feel sometimes, I don’t even look at my makeup bag. I acknowledge that I do not need such validation, and will only accept and appreciate myself by embracing my attributes both on my good and bad days.

To answer the question, NO! I do not believe that wearing makeup is a sign of insecurity. Makeup is art. It’s a form of expressing oneself. However, makeup can stem from/ result in insecurities when one gives it such power. Saying that wearing makeup is a sign of insecurity is a generalization, one that we as a society must steer away from. Some people do wear makeup because they are insecure, I did as a younger teenager, but others wear it for the fun of it, sometimes to enhance their beauty. All in all, I end with my corny quote: Wear makeup because you want to, but never let the makeup wear you! Stay woke!

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5 thoughts on “Wearing Makeup is a Sign of Insecurity

  1. I also do not think that people only wear make up because they’re insecure. Like yes maybe we started to because at first we were insecure but the more we experimented, the more it became a hobby so I love this post aha x

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