05/13/17 (PROOOOOM!!!)

Hey beauties!

So May has been full of back to back events! I started off this lovely month with AP exams, three to be exact. May 3rd was my AP Lit exam, followed by APUSH on May 5th, then AP Calc on May 9th. To add an icing on the cake, I took two finals for my Psychology course following the AP Calc exam.. Saying my brain was fried is an understatement lol. But I survived, as I knew I would, and could finally channel my energy to something more positive: PROM! My mom came home from Nigeria the week before, and thankfully, I fell in love with my dress! (I was extremely picky with the fabric that I wanted, and had a nightmare a few nights before my mom returned home of my dress being a disaster lol.  (I know.. I’m dramatic!) To continue, I bought my shoes and got my hair done (Deamah slayed my hair y’all!) the night before prom. All in all, ya girl went to bed at 3am, to wake up at 8am.

Now for prom, the weather was the opposite of what I would ever wish on anyone for their prom day! The weather was gloomy and rainy—  it could have easily been a buzzkill if I let it! But thankfully I have a positive boyfriend who said, “It’s alright babe, a little rain never killed nobody!” With that said, I couldn’t let the rain kill my shine. As 6pm approached, I realized that we would be late for prom which started at 7pm. Long story short, we arrived fashionably late, and made the night our own! So here, I share with you snippets from an eventful and memorable night!

Ps. My makeup was SLAYED.. In fact, it was murdered.. by the AMAZING & TALENTED Chichi Obufor! IG: Chi_obufor. The video is on her Instagram if you wanna witness the glow! Also, be sure to check out her YouTube channel for beauty inspiration! https://www.youtube.com/user/TalentedChi

Holy Highlight
One of my favorite shots.. if not my favorite!
Should’ve definitely gotten silver braces! The red shows more black
Second favorite
Usually not a fan of close-up, but I love this!
Ps. She used all drugstore makeup products to achieve this look
This was my first time wearing fake lashes too!
Even in the dark, you can see me shine

As For Prom…


I am so infatuated with his smile!
Y’all see the level of photo bomb in this picture?
Yendry and I rarely take pictures together, but hey yall, this is my bestest!
Highkey love this picture
Cause s shawty slayed this picture AND prom as a whole! (My personal hairstylist)
Grateful for him for making my night very much worth it
Photobomb 2.0
Love & Affection
Aaaaand that’s it!



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