Skin Care Products & Routine (Sensitive Acne Prone Face)

Hey beauties!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to make, especially because lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I managed to clear my acne. Not only do I now have little to no acne, but my scars have almost evened out, giving my face has a healthy, new glow! What am I using? Here, I gladly share my skincare products/ regimen with you! Feel free to comment any questions you have, below, and I will answer them as soon as possible! Also, if you already use or have used any of these products, and have your own reviews, let me know! As always, don’t forget to like, share, & follow!

  1. Face scrub:
  • Elf Exfoliating Scrub
    • This scrub is one that I use about once or twice a week depending on how icky my face feels. Junior year, and beginning of senior year, I wore makeup flat out religiously. The worst part is that my skin was already breaking out, so wearing makeup on top of it only irritated my skin all the more. This face scrub really helped to open and unclog my pores before I would go in with my acne wash, and I always feel/see the difference with my face the next morning.
  • AMBI Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash
    • AMBI fade cream products? I’m ALL hear for it! I love AMBI products because they’re highly purifying and effective: ESSENTIALS! This exfoliator has done wonders for my face, toning it and clearing my pores. Best thing is that it doesn’t leave your face dry; my face always feels lighter and hydrated after I use it, so I recommend it to all.

2. Acne wash

  • Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Cleanser
    • This acne wash played a CRUCIAL role in the rejuvenation of my skin! I remember walking home with my friend Kimberly, after buying my first ever foundation, and sharing my fears about breaking out more. After expressing my long, strenuous journey to get clear skin, using any acne product that I heard good reviews about, Kim mentioned Neutrogena’s Stubborn Acne. She had been using it and the results were evident! That evening, I went to CVS and bought the cleanser that literally changed the game for me and continues to come through– this cleanser! Within a few weeks, I saw a major difference in the condition of my skin. My acne decreased, leaving me with scars and cracked, unhealthy skin. Back then, I held the misconception that moisturizing my face would result in excess oil and break outs, so I never put any oils or creams to replenish my skin. Eventually frustrated at how dry and uneven my skin was, I took to YouTube to get some advice, and that is how I came upon magic!


  • MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC! No joke, coconut oil is a miracle worker! It has done more than replenish my skin; it is the reason why I’m GLOWING! After cleansing my face both mornings and before bed, I apply a healthy amount of coconut oil. Throughout the day, the oil seeps into your pores, giving you a refreshing glow. The best part is applying it overnight and waking up the next morning radiating! As days passed since I started using coconut oil, my face slowly started looking more and more healthy, and I grew to feel comfortable without makeup. I soon realized that I did not need to wear makeup anymore because coconut oil took that place! Now, makeup is a mere option instead of a necessity, as I originally felt. I literally tell everyone to get themselves coconut oil.. “stop witnessing the magic and start experiencing it!”
    • What type of coconut oil should you get?
      • Make sure it is organic and unscented! Your coconut oil does not need to contain any chemicals.
    • Ps. I avoid getting coconut oil near my eyes! Instead, I apply vaseline around that area because the oil strongly irritates my eyes. I don’t know if it’s because I wear contacts or if my eyes are just really sensitive, but geez! My eyes burned so bad, I had to leave school early a few times because of the pain.

4. AMBI Fade Cream

  • As stated previously, I really love AMBI products! This fade cream is one that I still use to remove my left over scars, and I promise it does not bleach your face like most scar removal creams! Do not expect overnight results with this cream, it takes time! Although you will start seeing a difference within a month, it takes a few months for your face to really recover. Also, do not lather the cream all over your face, it is not a toner. Simply apply it to your acne marks, and I recommend doing this morning and night. (I usually use this after applying coconut oil.)


  • Now you can’t possibly expect me to talk about my growth without crediting water! Water was something I used to hate drinking and avoided. Why? I was oblivious about the key role that water plays not just for your face, but your body as a whole. I grew an appreciation for water when we started rehearsal for A Christmas Carol (at the McCarter Theatre) and learned that water was crucial for me not to pass out. With rehearsals lasting up to 9 hours, sometimes even longer, I found myself drinking 2-3 bottles per day. Then, as performances neared and we started having 11am-11pm rehearsals, water became my best friend to keep me from being dehydrated on stage (bright stage lights + continuous active movement which require 100% energy each time we ran a scene will leave you tired and parched). Within the two months that the play consumed my life, I drank more water than ever, and was left amazed by the sudden disappearance of acne on my face. Every morning I would look into the high-beamed mirrors in our dressing room, which exposed every and any imperfection on your face, and be in shock. No breakouts. Even though I wore a full face of makeup everyday for the show, nothing! That’s when I realized that water is truly my best friend!

Here you have it folks, my skincare routine/ products! I use and follow these steps morning and night, and it’s worked wonders for me! If you buy these products, I hope it works for you as well! I wish you health and rejuvenation, both in your face and other aspects of your life, and I’ll see you in the next one!


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