FASHION POST: Golden Child

Hellooo Beauties!

Long time, no blog! Yeahh, I took a break to get all my college applications submitted (most importantly, those financial aid applications!) Now that those are all out of the way, I can now focus on expanding my blog and brand! I have a lot of good news to share with you all from the past few months, but I will leave that for my next post. I just want to thank God for all his blessings on me and my loved ones! These past few months have been nothing  but strenuous work, but I definitely see the fruits of my labour, and it’s so encouraging. All in all, I am grateful!

Anywho, I’m back with my usual lookbooks! STORYTIME: YOUR GIRL WAS HAVIING A FASHION EMERGENCY TODAY! You know when you look through your closet and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear?! Maybe it’s just a girl thing lol.. but I dug through my closet and dresser up to 10x..over and over.. knowing fully well that I was looking through the same clothes, yet holding on to some hope that a random article of clothing would graciously appear inside my closet. Realizing that I was going to be late for church if I kept being picky, I grabbed this gold shirt, threw on a pair of pants, slipped on these heels, and dipped! So yeah.. This is how this masterpiece, as well as most of my other outfits, was created. My usual statement has once again been proven accurate: Last minute outfits are the best!

Photocreds to my girl Udoka!
There’s beauty within all. Just Because you refuse to see or acknowledge it does not mean it’s not there.
Funfact: I’ve had this top since like 6th grade.. Well, it was my sister’s. She had it since, maybe, 2010? Then she passed it down to me because she never wore it. Soo I made it my own!
Golden Child✨
Smiling because I truly am blessed!


“Bend low, bend low, bend low, bend low, and see what the Lord can do!”


Aaand this is me questioning my mom because I wasn’t sure if she was actually taking the pictures lol… She was!
Photocreds to my one & only mommy!



9 thoughts on “FASHION POST: Golden Child

  1. Last minute outfits are the best literally. 😂😂I actually agree with you…I think it is a girl thing when you can’t find anything to wear. I feel like when we’re going down the road it’s nothing but when we’re trying is when it’s difficult to find an outfit. 😩🙄

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