Thursday Thoughts

“Just exploring this thought-filled head of mine”

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#1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but as much as I love rocking my natural, coconut oiled face, I get a sense of jealously when I see girls with makeup. Maybe jealousy isn’t the right word.. appreciation, maybe? Inspiration? A sense of longing? Their well contoured and blended faces make me want to wear makeup as well, to recreate their look! It’s just art! Honestly, we use brushes just as any other artist does, to create our masterpieces. It’s funny cause when my brothers see me doing my makeup, they always say, “Chai! Always painting your face!” Before, that would make me self conscious, like “am I too cakey? Is this too much?” But now, I just find it funny. Technically, I am painting my face lol.. Makeup is just art, man! Nothing wrong with wearing it, nothing wrong with not.

#2. As outgoing as I am, I am actually really awkward..

#3. I realize that I am currently broke & in severe NEED of a job.. Senior year is seriously all about spending: Yearbook, prom, mini vacation w/ friends, parties, college acceptance money, (for many, standardized tests & college applications.. Thank God for PUPP) ..Let’s just say, this job hunt is real!

#4. I cried! I don’t know why, but my psychology professor just kept tripping today.. literally. She really tested my self control.. and today I learned that sometimes, you just have to let that laughter out. Okay! So she had on these cute little pair of heels ( I add that little detail because maybe it can explain why this kept happening lol). For some reason, as she was lecturing, she kept tripping on the chair behind her. The first time, I was able to suppress my laughter, but by the fifth time, tears were running down my face! It didn’t help that I sit next to my best friend, Yendry, and she and I have that “non-communication communication!” All it took was one look from Yendry, and I erupted in laughter.. we both did! …… I felt bad for laughing, I really did, but the fact that she nonchalantly continued with her lecture after each trip really killed me .. I hope she doesn’t take it too personal, but it was too funny to suppress. Tripping once is an accident, but five times? Hmm

#5. I wish I could read people’s minds.. and by people, I mean this one person.

#6. I swear my orthodontist doesn’t really know what to do with my braces.. By July, it’ll be three years of me having them on, and I won’t be surprised if I have them on for even longer! The doctors switch continuously, so one appointment, I’ll have Ortho A, who is well informed with the progression of my teeth and tells the nurses what the next step is for my braces. Then my next appointment, a month after, I’ll have Ortho B, who has no idea what Ortho A said the month before, so he gives his own jurisdiction.. Literally, I’ve wasted months with the back and forth.. It’s getting frustrating.



Uhmm.. so I was angry lol. This was my little rant a few days ago on snapchat. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people act like they have nothing better to do with their lives than gossip and degrade others. Even worse, when they think it’s okay to bash the person through social media… I just find it so middle school. Anyways, people need to stop tripping over things that aren’t worth it. Please know your worth

#8. Getting attached to someone is scary. I don’t like the idea of it.. I fear it?



Prom 2k17 is coming up for ya girl, on May 13th! What to wear? Still figuring it out. Date? I have someone special in mind lol. I’m excited, yet pretty nervous. I just pray that my dress, along with my date’s fit, turn out just as planned.. because I don’t think I could deal!



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