FASHION POST: Throwback Part III

Another Monday, Another Fit! For this throwback, I combined two looks from December, the second one being on Christmas Day.

Sidebar: I don’t know about you, but I feel like the older I get, the less exciting Christmas is for me and my family. When I was younger, in America, my young, aloof mind wandered to realms far beyond my reach. Expectations were quiet high, and everything seemed so magical. I was entranced by the Christmas movies shown on Disney channel, ABC Family (freeform), Hallmark, and Lifetime, and so I wished for a Christmas just as festive! This wish is why I would be the only one to put up the Christmas tree every year, decorate the house with Christmas lights and ornaments, and as any good little kid would, leave out cookies and milk for Santa (even though by then, I knew that man was not real).. except I would end up eating the cookies and pouring out the milk (I’m NOT a fan of the whole cookies & milk thing). Anyways, now all I really look forward to for Christmas is singing at the church service.

I also think America is to blame for it. Christmas in Nigeria is hands, feet, head, everything down the BEST thing ever! From the songs, to the gatherings, to the church service, to the food.. Man! Nothing can honestly compare! Nigeria, the Motherland, makes Christmas in America look like a treacherous bore. It’s actually crazy!

Anyways.. before I get too sidetracked (I could talk about Christmas in Nigeria for AGES!.. Here are my two fits, and I’ll see you in the next post!  Don’t forget to like, comment, & subscribe!

Bridge Between Two Looks
When Christmas Came To Town
Same Picture, Different Smile

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