FASHION POST: Throwback Part II

Sweater Weather

Happy Wednesday! By today you’re either thinking, “Wow! This week is zooming by!” or “It’s only Wednesday? Ugh.. I thought it was Friday already..” Me? I’m more of the second one lol. Anyways, as promised, I’m back with another look from this winter.

Fun fact: I wore this fit in late December, but the weather was in the 60ºs, so I consider it a fall look. This was on the day that we had a Cast & Crew dinner at McCarter, between one of two performances, during which we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts and revealed whose Secret Santa we were! (This was my first time ever playing Secret Santa.. so it was more of a learning experience lol). But one thing is for sure: I will definitely force my family to play it next Christmas! If any of my siblings are reading this, note that!

*Cover the food baby*
I always have a laughing shot in all my pictures
*pose like you’re lost in thought*
*Show the food baby*
*Embrace the food baby*
Snapchat Selifie: Uniquellyfaith

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