Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!! I hope all bellies are full, and souls are joyous!  

I just want to start off saying that I am extremely thankful for you all, who actually take the time to read my blogs, and sometimes even contribute to the discussions and offer feedback! I can’t say it enough how much I appreciate it! And also, I’m thankful for my new followers! Welcome to this thought-filled head of mine, and I hope to see more of you!

This Thanksgiving was one to remember, with my family! The past few thanksgivings have been rather disappointing because I was never surrounded by direct family, so there was never that sense of comfort and  family.  It was the type of environment that, even though your family received an invite, the sense of unwelcome that you felt was overwhelming, leaving you questioning why you gather with them every year! This year, however, was a drastic difference, a difference that I will forever appreciate and remember. You know how there’s always that one side of the family that you really feel connected to, then the other side has the crazy, judgemental aunts that you often feel like you always walk on eggshells around? Yeahh, this year I was surrounded by the positive side, my mom’s side of the family. Together we prayed, danced, laughed, reminisced, ate, created music (it became a music video sooo fast in that house lol) and even did the mannequin challenge ! (Imagine old fashioned African parents partaking in such youthful antics.. killed me!)

But of course, I was  ..am.. that one cousin that dresses up head to toe, while other family members are dressed casually and comfortably.. so I just had to own it lol.

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