Thrift Queen👑

Nndewo (helloooo) !!

How have y’all been ?! *Waits for response* lol.. hopefully it’s all going well! But here’s another lookbook I put together. I kid you not, but this outfit is 90% thrifted (minus accessories) ! I think that’s why I love it so much lol.. the amount of compliments that I received was tremendous and I was so excited to say that it’s mostly thrifted (as should anyone when they pay dollars to look like a million bucks!) All I know is that I looked good, I felt confident, & it was nothing but positive vibes!

Welp, here is my latest fit so enjoy, and see you next time!

Jacket: local goodwill | Crop top: Platos Closet | Trousers: Platos | Shoes: Adidas Originals
“Baby I’m amazed by you.. we just haven’t met yet!”Β 
Rare Breed
“The Only Thing That Matters Is What You Believe!”Β 
Laugh the bs away!
“Every Melody Can Turn Into A Symphony”
“I’m just a humble little sailor with too much to prove, with my boat so small & the ocean so huge”
Mac Miller Mood w/ a Kendrick Lamar Attitude 🍫

*Quoted lyrics:

-imagine by Nico & Vinz

-We Just Haven’t Met Yet by Russ

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