Can You Choose Who You Love ?!

Good evening loves !

I have a question for you all; as you can infer by the title, this post is about love.. the infamous love! So, background, last night, my siblings and our three friends came over, and a long debate somehow manifested. I have zero idea how the topic came about, being that I was in the dining sewing some trousers, but one conversation led to another, and we found ourselves debating (hectically arguing lol) about whether or not people can choose who they love!

In my opinion, one cannot choose who they love. I believe that time is what truly controls love simply because feelings do not just appear and disappear over night. No matter how tough you think you are or how fast you are able to get over someone, LOVE is an emotion that formulates and strengthens over a period of time, so how can someone sit there and say that they can stop loving someone simply by choice?! If it is truly “love,” then your feelings cannot be wiped away instantaneously just because  you chose to stop loving the person!

The counterargument was that one  can choose who they love because the person may do something to them that makes the latter stop loving them. Fact,  BUT it still takes time for that love to die down! Hell, sometimes the love never goes away! Love is a strikingly powerful emotion.. yes, it’s abused and misinterpreted nowadays, but when one truly encounters love, they cannot possibly tell me that they chose to love their partner and can choose to stop when they want.

If people can truly choose who they love, then why is it that some exes simply cannot move on from one another? Sometimes they know that they want to move on, sometimes they do move on, but they still love their ex. From my personal experience, I cannot say that I have ever experienced love (in terms of relationships) but I can definitely speak to liking someone that I know I should not like or someone I just cannot get over. I want to move on with my life and leave the kid in the past, but something keeps dragging the person back into my mind, especially the littlest things that just remind you of that person! We’ve all experienced this! So if I can really choose who I like, then please can someone explain to me why it is so difficult for people to get over others that they either have feelings for or simply love!  

Let’s talk about it! 


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