Senior Year .. Easy ?!

Hey beauties!

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for your support, and I hope to see you more often! Now, let’s get into this post! SENIOR YEAR! THE YEAR ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS EAGERLY AWAIT… UNTIL THEY GET TO IT !

(If you can’t already sense by my tone, this is a semi-rant, haha!

I remember as a junior, struggling to juggle my APs, extracurriculars, and social life all at once. Maintaining balance was essential, but I often burned out, resulting in a few breakdowns and life or death mental health days! Throughout the stress and rigorous work, I was driven and motivated by the mere fact that senior year would be the easiest year for me! “Junior year is the hardest year! This is the year that colleges really look at, so the pain and tears will be worth it in the end!” .. That’s what I continuously told myself and those who looked to me for advice.

See, the seniors that I looked to for advice told me the same thing ! “Junior year is the hardest…” Ha!!!! Now I’m the senior, and here’s my discovered truth: SENIOR YEAR IS JUNIOR YEAR x10 ! Senior year consists of literally crawling to maintain your gpa and class rank cause it’ll go from #1 to #101 REAL QUICK! Balancing more APs while trying to maintain a social life, more extracurriculars, college applications (FAFSA, Common App, Essays, Supplementary essays, college interviews, tours, DECISIONS!). Let’s not forget the usual breakdowns and essential mental health days! I’m only a month into the school year and am so caught off guard by  how underrated senior year was by the seniors I spoke with! I’ve been slapped by the reality of it all, and have no other option but to suck it up and push through! My only question is, why didn’t anyone tell me this !?

Now, for the positives of it all:

  1. All the tedious work and stress will be worth it by the end of January, when you’ve received your college acceptances.. and rejections.. but are left to make your own decision on which school you wish to attend (GOOD LUCK!!)
  2. PROM!!!!! Rent your limo, find a date (or go with your bestfriends) find that perfect dress, and make it your night!
  3. Duhh.. college !! College is a whole nother ballgame, haha! There, you’ll really learn the significance and art of  time management and mindfulness (these two life tools are the keys to success)! But the respect and elevation that being a senior earns you is one to embrace!

Basically, the beginning of senior year feels like an extended, higher level of junior year, at least for those who are competitive and truly care for their grades! But towards the middle and ending of the year, things lighten up.. I have yet to reach that middle part of the year, being that it’s only October. but I am comforted by the fact that the new year signifies a rejuvenation, and as I say, a “revibe!”

I look forward to what seeing what the rest of my senior year entails! I know I’ll get through it, we all will! Just remain self-motivated, and as the wise Sean Covey states  in, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens:




  • If you’re a senior, please feel free to comment any questions or fears that you have going in to senior year
  • If you’re currently a senior or have graduated, I am intrigued as to how senior year is treating or treated, as well any advice you’d give you current or rising seniors

2 thoughts on “Senior Year .. Easy ?!

  1. Faith!! Stop stressing so much you’re one of the smartest people I know!! The only reason senior year is harder for you is because you’re challenging yourself a lot more academically than most people will. My senior year was easy because I didn’t challenge myself! Just wait until you hit freshman year of college that’s a whole other ball game lol you can get through it!! Just keep slaying every day and keep a good relationship with your teachers it helps out a lot when they know what’s going on in your life so you can get help when you need it

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    1. Your comment actually made me smile lol, thank you !! You’re definitely not lying about keeping a good relationship with my teachers !! That’s a huge part of my sanity lol.. I need to add that to a must do for college !


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