What Is This White Music You Speak Of?

Music collage

“What I Do Isn’t Black Music; It’s Just My Music!” -Daryl Hall

“I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some rock and country music!” *Waits for shocked expressions*. That’s what happens every time I tell people I listen to rock and country. They stare me and in confusion because they were certain that i would be the type to listen to “black people music”. What is “black people music” anyways? Why does Rap, R&B, & Hip-hop have to be categorized as black people music? What MAKES it black people music? Last September when I moved to Trenton and began attending Trenton Central High School, I was labeled as “a white girl” because while all my friends would be blasting their rap music, I would be blasting my rock music! I would constantly try to get my friends to listen to my music with an open mind, but they refused and said my taste in music was low, if it wasn’t rap, they weren’t trying to hear it. They also called me a white girl because I spoke “properly.” Usually when they would make comments about my “white music”, I would laugh it off and even make jokes about it. Then I actually thought about it, so all black people are supposed to be loud, chaotic, listen to music that promotes violence, and speak in slang? So because I use “big words”, speak “properly”, and have a preference of rock and country, I’m a white girl? That’s actually SAD if you think about it! This means that black kids walk around thinking that if they don’t act reckless and rebellious, and listen to Rap, they won’t have an identity. Black people are so belittled that they actually now believe that they aren’t supposed to speak correctly, that it’s “uncool”. That is nothing but absolute gibberish! It’s not uncool AT ALL, that’s actually an insult to blacks. Society needs to stop being so ignorant and open their minds to diversity. Yes, it’s normal for a black person to like music other ran rap! Yes, it’s normal for a white person to enjoy rap and hip hop, and Yes it is normal for a black person to speak formerly! It is not a disgrace and it doesn’t make them any less of a person!

Eminem is white and he is one of the best rappers out there! Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke are leading the charge in R&B music! Do you notice a pattern? They’re all white! Does this mean that a white person cannot listen to them because they sing “black music”? Or will it still be categorized as “white music” just because of their race? I really don’t understand it!

For example, if you are black and you are being interviewed, do you actually think that you will be hired if you are responding in slang? Do you actually believe that colleges will admit you if you answer the essay portions in slang? If you do, then you seriously need to rethink yourself! They are looking for people who are literate! Speaking literately, “properly”, does not make you white at all! It’s just the way you speak, and people will take you more seriously in a professional environment. If you happen to speak properly everywhere, then that’s just you. People need to stop with the stereotypes! I don’t speak the same way I do in class and at work as I do just hanging out with my friends. That’s not being fake either, it’s just who you are!

Enough with the “white music” and “black music”  Stereotyping is a huge issue in our society. Music is music, it’s supposed to be an escape from the problems of the world, a different language! Saying “black and white people” music is basically racism in a “non-racist” way! Music does not have a race, so people need to stop using it as an excuse to be racist and stereotype. When someone finds a good reason on why music can be categorized as “white” or “black”, please tell me! I’m all ears!



5 thoughts on “What Is This White Music You Speak Of?

  1. This post speaks the truth and nothing BUT the truth. Being a victim of the “you act so white” stereotype, I can totally relate to this post. Not only is it demeaning to the race of the person stating this trite fact, it is also unfair that due to the color of your skin, it is frowned upon or judged if you leave those confinements. I think society needs a wake up call and by you taking the initiative to shine light on this absurdity, this wake up call is certainly going to happen.

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    1. Thank you, it’s really sad that African Americans actually look down upon people because they “act so white!” That phrase does not even make sense, they don’t understand that they are actually degrading themselves! Glad others agree!


  2. PREACH!!! Girl, you had me snapping through out your whole post! LOVED IT! I totally understand you and stay on your side, I get the opposite though.. I apparently listen to “black people” music and therefore ” I’m ratchet” uhmm..? ok. Yessss Faith loving your blog, I could never put what I felt about this in words but you did it for me *snaps*

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