Embracing the Dark Side

This post is highly inspiring and speaks nothing but the truth !! African Americans truly need to stop this foolishness of “lightskin” and “dark skin” ! It’s absolutely rubbish and only degrade us. White people don’t categorize themselves as “pink skin” or “whiteskin” !! Why must we segregate ourselves once again? During slavery, ALL blacks were considered slaves, there was NO exception to “lightskin” or “darkskin” !!! African Americans just don’t seem to understand that !! Instead, they decide to humiliate themselves once again in order to feel superior against something !! Well let me tell you, when that police pulls you over because you look suspicious, they don’t care if you are lightskin OR darkskin !!! They are just looking for an African American male and if you’re BLACK, you AUTOMATICALLY are suspicions !!! We need to stop the foolery, it’s quite annoying !!



They say Black is beautiful. They say Black is special. They say Black is different. Different? Yes. Since the creation of man, our world has been saying different–but also low, degrading, and inferior. Black is a race that has not even learned to accept itself, people learning to hate and gnash at their own kind, soon arguing over a superior shade of skin.

Who is to call his light, golden skin better than her rich, ebony skin? Who is to favor her shade of olive brown over his hue of chocolate brown? We fail to realize that color is really just that: an entanglement of shades, tones, and pigments that seem to confuse our people. Often times we cling to color as an identity, learning to label our strengths and self-worth by the intensity of our skin. It is time to move past this superficial teaching and believe that color…

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