“Instagram Models”

“Cinderella Didn’t Need To Take Off Her Dress To Get Her Prince Charming, And Neither Do You!”  

          Why is it that girls feel the need to upload revealing pictures on the social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, and even Kik? Many of them seeking love and desperate to find their “prince charming”, little do they know how naive they are. You simply cannot find love by portraying yourself as easy or slutty. Guys want to look at their girls and know that they are only theirs. They want to know that the girl respects herself! If you girls don’t respect yourself, how do you expect your boyfriend or the guy you are talking to to respect you? He will either treat you like a whore, cheat on you with many other girls who also do not know their worth, or he will abuse you; mentally, emotionally, or even physically! When you have respect for yourself, you will know not to allow any guy to disrespect you or treat you like you are nothing!

         The thing that irks me the most is when females post pictures in their bikinis, but complain when guys ask them to send them a picture in their underwear. A bikini and your panties and bra are the same thing! Therefore, you complaining or being offended makes no sense because you were comfortable enough to put it on the internet where EVERYONE can see it and it will never be deleted! If you do not appreciate being asked for pictures like that, then do not post those provocative pictures on your social websites!

          The girls who keep it classy and know what they are worth are the ones that find their true princes. Their men will understand how much their girl is worth and will know better than to let go of them! Good girls are not easy to find! If you respect yourself and your “prince” begins to act out, stand your ground and show him what he is willing to throw away; that would be his lost not yours!

           All in all, we females need to learn to respect ourselves more. Do not get offended when a guy asks you to send him a picture if you are posting pictures like that, provocative, on the social media. You are basically giving them permission to expect those kind of things from you because that is how you portray yourself. Don’t let any guy manipulate your worth, show them that it is their lost!

– Yours Truly,

     Faith (UniquellyFaith)


One thought on ““Instagram Models”

  1. Really good job Faith! Just from reading the title I could already tell that your opinion about “Instagram models” was very strong. Your view on the “epidemic” was real and true. You’d did not sugar coat anything. Keep it up girla! 🙂

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