Fashion and its “original” unoriginality

“Cycles in recycles should happen until someone breaks the rules. And that person becomes part of history.” – Franca Sozzani

We have all noticed it,  how things that are labeled ugly and hideous morph into the latest fashion after a few refreshing years! Those nerdy, thick rimmed glasses that motivated the alumni of your school to call you “four eyes”, and those braces that encouraged them even more to give you the scarring nickname “razor teeth” or “train-track mouth” are now the latest fashion! I don’t understand it as much as you do, but I have noticed the pattern of fashion being constantly repeated, each time with a little adjustment. I see people everyday rocking their high waisted shorts, suspenders, thick rimmed glasses, and even flooding pants ! “Nerdy meets chic”!

I remember the day that I was talking to my friend about how much I wanted to get my braces to close up my gap and she, already having straight teeth, complained about how she wanted them too. Befuddled, I asked her why she wanted them when her teeth was already perfectly in place, no crook or unnecessary space between them, and she responded “it’s just the new style, everyone’s getting them and they look so nice! ” I could not understand her logic, If my teeth were already that straight, wanting braces would not even cross my mind!

Another example being my gap. I have had this gap all my life and never did I once stop and think “maybe it looks fashionable!” That is why I was so taken aback when I was complimented by a stranger who said it adds to my “bold” personality. “What kind of rubbish is that?” I had thought to myself. Nowadays, I hear people saying how they want a gap because it is stylish and all that goes through my mind is “be careful what you wish for! You like it until it becomes out of style!”

Personally, I feel that fashion is getting old! “What does she mean by old?” One may ask. What I mean is that it is getting bland, no one wants to take risks anymore; either because they know that the fashion world will rebuke it because everyone is now so used to the same old, basic ways, or because they have simply ran out of ideas. I cannot lie, I love wearing me some suspenders, high- waisted shorts and trousers, and even the “nerdy glasses”, but I would love to see someone change it up a bit to something that has not been worn just a few years before.

Is there any hope for the fashion world? Will we fashion lovers ever learn to let go of the repeated styles and broaden our minds to new designs? These are questions that can only be answered through one’s paradigm and the future! As for now, remember to store those Heeleys, some where safe in your closet! I have a feeling they will be reintroduced in the future as the new fashion, chic!

Yours Truly,

Faith Iloka (UniquellyFaith)



2 thoughts on “Fashion and its “original” unoriginality

  1. OMG yass Faith! i lovvve it! The cold hard truth of the fashion world meeting some humor; you so fluidly and combines those two together. Also the personal connection to emphasize your point wasn’t too detailed but no too vague but just right. 🙂 And the the heeleys…lmfao im on the floor lol

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